Lupo PenSuite

Lupo PenSuite 2010.04

A world of portable apps at your fingertips


  • Great selection of applications
  • Can include own documents, music, photos
  • Lots of configuration options


  • None so far

Very good
People use portable apps for lots of reasons, security, privacy and speed among them. Lupo PenSuite is an ingenuous program that gathers together a mountain of such apps and packages them all in one handy tool.

Lupo PenSuite is available in a huge variety of languages and various skins. It is also highly customizable, with several menus of options that range from the most basic specifications to more complicated configuration settings. Lupo PenSuite allows you to add your own documents and files to the program so that they are easily accessible when you are on the go, all from within the same interface. Despite the huge range of programs and options, Lupo PenSuite is very simple to remove - just deleting the program folder will delete all traces from the computer you are using.

The pre-set programs on Lupo PenSuite will cover the vast majority of needs. They run from well-known security and utility programs like CCleaner Portable and Toucan to fun games like Bricks 2000 and messenger programs like Miranda Plus. Whether you need portable programs for security, administrative use or just leisure, it is sure to meet your needs. If it doesn't, you can just download a portable program that does!! You can add apps that you find yourself, or go to the Lupo PenSuite website, which will suggest further options.

Lupo PenSuite. Complete, flexible and portable. What more could you want?

Various updates Removed "DVD Shrink (v3.2.0.15)" (due to restrictions in some countries) Removed "Space Invaders OpenGL (v0.6.1c)" (old unused app)


  • Various updates Removed "DVD Shrink (v3.2.0.15)" (due to restrictions in some countries) Removed "Space Invaders OpenGL (v0.6.1c)" (old unused app)
Lupo PenSuite


Lupo PenSuite 2010.04

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